Why Us

Digital X-rays: 80% less radiation

The amount of radiation from a dental radiograph is extremely small. benefits from lower radiation exposure and significantly enhances diagnostic abilities. Dental xrays help your dentist see problems long before they get too serious.

Dental X-rays can detect

  • cavities between teeth and around old fillings
  • any bone loss that maybe caused by gum disease or periodontal disease
  • infections or abnormalities
  • any root problems or abnormalities
  • certain x-rays such as a panoramic xray can show TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder)

Razor sharp images appear chair-side in seconds on our computer screen for better viewing by patients

Built in disinfection units and sophisticated hygiene: features safe guard our patients and practice staff.

Intra Oral Cameras

Allow us to record and compare the condition of your mouth over a period of time and chair-side mounted monitors allow instant access to view and diagnose treatment needs.

Mercury Free Tooth /Colored Fillings

We care about your health, many of our patients have requested to have mercury removed from their mouth as a health precaution.

Gentle and Thorough Approach

Windsor Square Dental is aware that many people are fearful of the dentist or have had past traumatic experiences. Our office has stepped away from old traditional dental standards and have created a relaxing and spa like environment. All dental treatments are completed with a gentle yet thorough approach. We also offer blankets and pillows along with other aids to help our patients feel right at home.

Paperless Office

Our office offers all dental records in a data base system. We ensure that we reduce the use of using paper along with all details of your dental records kept private in our computer system.